In New Mexico, solar power is truly a hot topic.  I thought I’d put together a list of our 5 top sites that we (as an installation company) visit to give us more information and education.  Keep in mind, these websites give great information and are educational resources for solar across the country, but also supply state-level solar info that New Mexicans are seeking.

  • Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)
  • Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Program, DSIRE Solar Portal provides detailed information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives and policies that promote solar energy.

    Why We Visit the DSIRE website:
    It is easy to search for Solar Electric incentives! Using a map, you can select New Mexico (or any U.S. state!) and get the available incentives. It also provides us solar-specific policy info, as well as shows applicable Federal solar incentives. Plus, its already a valuable resource, and its slated to become even better – by December 2014, with a newer, modernized site.

  • Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
  • The Solar Energy Industries Association is the national trade association in the United States, supporting the growth of solar energy. Since 1974, SEIA and its members have worked to promote, develop, and implement the use of solar energy in the U.S.  This website is a great starting point to direct you in discovering all things solar, with even a specific New Mexico Solar Policy page.

    Why We Visit the SEIA website:
    Where to begin? The SEIA website provides a multitude of educational resources for solar.  Here you can find current stances on Solar Industry Issues and Policies, regarding everything from International Trade to Development, to Manufacturing. As a member of SEIA, we get access to networking opportunities, educational webinars, and market research. The Solar Market Insight Reports give us an understanding of the needs of the solar marketplace, the industry intelligence is key to growing our business. Also, the advocacy from SEIA experts moves our industry forward, providing support and growth in the solar energy sector.

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • In operation for 37 years, NREL is a federal laboratory dedicated to research, development, commercialization and deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency progress.

    Why We Visit the NREL website:
    Interactive Mapping Tools! NREL has created models and tools to assess, analyze, and optimize renewable energy technology. Check out the PVWatts Calculator (amongst other informative tools), which estimates the electricity production of a grid-connected roof- or ground-mounted photovoltaic system, custom to the location of New Mexico (or whatever location you happen to be at).

  • Solar Industry Magazine
  • In addition to the news website, each month Solar Industry releases a printed issue filled with comprehensive assessments of the solar energy sector. The Market Report relays the “business behind solar” and the industry developments are the focus of “Industry at Large”.

    Why We Visit the Solar Industry website:
    The Solar Industry Magazine (printed issues) has long been a central location for us to find out the latest news in the solar industry. The website is a central location to read about current and noteworthy topics, as well as new technological advances and trends.

  • Greentech Media (GTM)
  • Greentech Media delivers news, research, and analysis in the business-to-business greentech market.  GTM focuses on Solar, Grid, and Efficiency.  GTM Research, the research arm of the company, produces competitive intelligence reports, amongst other data gathering.

    Why We Visit the GTM website:
    Looking for the latest news in solar across the globe?  Greentech Media is a website that has the latest, most compelling Solar Industry articles and analyses.  There are free component and procedural technical whitepapers in the Resource Center Section, along with GTM Market Reports and PV Module Scorecards.