Tips for a Great Solar Installer Experience

by Larissa PPC Solar 05/28/2013


How do you know you’ve hired the right solar installer, someone you can trust and have faith in to do a good job for a reasonable cost and stand behind their work? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. But if you do your homework, you improve the likelihood of getting an installer you will be pleased with… more

Which New Mexico Solar Installer or Colorado Solar Company Can Provide the Best Solar Experience?

Select the Right Solar Company

As a savvy homeowner interested in solar power, do your due diligence. Receiving at least 3 bids for your solar electric system is not only essential, it is also common practice.  There are many qualified solar contractors with knowledge and experience, from big companies to smaller companies. Check their references, solar installer certification, licenses, safety history, consumer solar reviews, and insurance.  Trust your instincts when interviewing company representatives.  Did your installer answer your questions in a smart and honest manner?  Were they knowledgeable in solar incentives and rebates? Gauge whether your installer has your best interest. Many companies can portray themselves as ethical; however they make every attempt to oversell the homeowner.  Were you able to develop a rapport with your installer?  Communication is crucial to a great solar installation experience; you should feel comfortable enough to speak directly and honestly with your installer.

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Know the Costs of Solar

Always invest in a product you understand.  Once you have decided which solar company to work with, the next step is to know the detailed scope of work and the contract.  Before you sign a contract, be clear on the services proposed, equipment, warranties, and the costs.  Be vocal about your expectations and fully comprehend theirs.  Communicate any concerns or questions with your installer, to ensure full understanding of the work performed and how you will gain from it.  A solar installer is a great resource on solar technology, listen to their recommendations, you may have to adjust your expectations and budget to accommodate needs.

Create a Relationship with Your Solar Installer

Like a personal relationship, a business relationship evolves over time and good communication is key.   It’s helpful to schedule regular meetings to discuss project progress, and commit to maintaining an ongoing dialog. Ongoing communications as a project develops is absolutely essential to maintaining a good working relationship.  Your installer should know the solar business, at times you may have to stand back and let them take care of your project. Trust your installer’s experience.  When the relationships work, they can deliver value well beyond your initial expectations.

Use your intuition, be clear on your expectations, understand the scope of work, and maintain good communication during the installation process. Homeowners should hire a solar installer on the basis of experience, integrity, and safe work practices, and not just based on the bid cost for the project.  Keep in mind that often the lowest bid is lowest because operational corners are cut.  It is essential to remember these recommendations when considering a solar electric project.  An investment in solar technology is an investment in your future, so make your experience as bright and sunny as can be.

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