One of our favorite things about being in the solar industry is putting solar on schools, and being able to share our solar knowledge with the students.  For 7 weeks, we are teaching a Solar Energy Lab Class at Taos Academy.  Using the solar array as a teaching tool has been invaluable and given the students a hands-on opportunity to learn about photovoltaics.

The students in our Solar Lab went crazy for our installation time-lapse, and we can’t wait to show it to you!

This time-lapse video chronicles the installation of a 12.24kW combined solar PV grid-tie system for two buildings at Taos Academy Charter School in New Mexico.

Here is a snapshot of the savings:

  • Approximately $2,246 in electric bills (87%) at current utility rates in the first year
  • Savings will grow as electric utility rates are expected to rise 3.78% a year
  • The purchase of electric energy (kWh) from the utility is expected to be reduced by 89%
  • Over 25 years, annual utility savings are anticipated to average $3,719, for a total utility savings of $92,981