Control operating overhead costs and reduce your environmental footprint with a solar electric system.

*With 19 USDA REAP Grants secured from 2015-2017, PPC Solar has a proven track record for helping you get the grant.  Call today to discuss your options.

notable utility projects

  • Buckman Direct Diversion Water Plant, City of Santa Fe (Santa Fe, NM), 1.16 MW
  • Blue Sky Energy, Kit Carson Electric Co-Op (El Prado, NM), 1.5 MW
  • Amalia I, Kit Carson Electric Co-Op (Amalia, NM), 1.5 MW
  • Array-Con PV Array, Springer Electric Co-Op (Springer, NM), 1.16 MW

notable school projects

UNM Taos Solar Array

  • UNM Klauer Campus (Taos, NM) , 500 kW
  • Taos Municipal Schools (Taos, NM) , 50 kW
  • Penasco Municipal Schools (Penaso, NM), 50 kW
  • Eastern New Mexico University (Ruidoso, NM), 52 kW
  • Central New Mexico College (Albuquerque, NM), 189.84 kW
  • Taos Academy Charter School (Taos, NM), 12.24 kW
  • Pinon Elementary School (Santa Fe, NM), 19.2 kW
  • Roots and Wings Community School (Lama, NM), 8.64 kW
  • Aztec Municipal Schools Administration (Aztec, NM), 128 kW

notable commercial projects

  • Kit Carson Electric Co-Op (Taos, NM), 92.4 kW
  • KTAO Radio Station (El Prado, NM), 50 kW
  • Thornburg Investment (Santa Fe, NM), 197.4 kW
  • EcoPark (Taos, NM), 70 kW
  • Santa Fe County Fire Stations, 30 kW combined
  • Brown Rice Internet, 20.52 kW (USDA REAP recipient)

notable non-profit projects

What are the benefits for your business?

Build your company’s sustainability and identity
Be truly cutting-edge and technically innovative
A typical commercial system provides return within 5-6 years
Lowered operating expenses frees up cash for operations and other investments

What Our Client’s Say

The quality of your staff was MUCH better than the others I have dealt with in this area. They made a strong effort to make sure that I was happy with your product and your work. Your staff’s attitude was especially great, considering how difficult my installation was, due to subsurface rock… I have been recommending PPC and solar pv to my neighbors.
Bob, New Mexico
What you can expect from PPC Solar is a streamlined process built on years of experience, open and responsive communication, and thorough product/industry knowledge. They can be relied on from start of project, in the development phase, through commissioning, and on through the life of the array.
David, Thornburg Investment
Professional looking job and great eye appeal! I am happy with my installation and your great staff did a great job!
Richard T., New Mexico
This was a rush job to complete by year end (i.e. owner’s schedule) and PPC met those rigid demands AHEAD of time!
Deanna, New Mexico
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