When making an investment in a solar PV system, there are several key questions to ask your installer.  With the Solar Industry growing at a rapid rate, and with so many companies and contractors vying for your business, choosing an installer can be a difficult and confusing process.  I decided to sit down with PPC Solar’s Project Manager and Technical Solar Guru, Charlie M. to get some burning solar questions answered.

Q:  How does PPC Solar handle it when its busy ?  Do you work with subcontractors in order to get the job done?

Charlie:  I always let clients know about our first line of internal structure in the customer process – Scheduling.  During the contract transaction, I establish a flexible contract window for the installation to occur.  There is also the certainty that there will always be a qualified electrician on each installation.  During busy periods, PPC may bring in additional crew members but there is always the qualified supervision on site.  This way, we never compromise a quality installation for our customers, and the job is finished within the contract window.

Q:  How long does a typical residential installation take?

Charlie:  When a residential solar installation contract is signed,  a 2 month window (from signing) is typically established.  During the first month, the structural engineering, procurement of components, and permitting all take place.  The second month is essentially a window of time to install the system and for the inspections to occur.  This allows an ample timeframe for the scheduling and coordination of inspectors.

Q:  Why is solar a great investment?

Charlie:  There are many positive benefits to investing in solar for your home or business.  Benefits like: generating your own local energy provides energy security, saving money, energy independence, it benefits our environment and eco-systems, but also there are other important factors that sometimes we don’t think about…  purchasing solar from your local installer to generate your own energy means that the money stays within your community and creates jobs.  The money doesn’t go to your utility for and to the fossil fuel industry.  It stays local.   Aaaand… its great to keep it local because it strengthens your local economy.

Q:  Any last words?

Charlie:  Yes!  Stop renting your electricity!  Invest in a future of clean, renewable power.  Do you know what they call a Solar Spill?  A good day 🙂


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