Case Study:  Single Family Residential Solar | Northern New Mexico

The owner of this lovely mountainside property was motivated by decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, as well as the smart investment opportunity – to invest in levelizing the cost of their energy.


Size: 4.16 kW DC Photovoltaic System   |   Annual Production:  6,732 kWh/Year  |  Supplying:  91% of annual electric use   |   Utility: Kit Carson Electric Cooperative


Incentives received by customer (first year)        State ITC = $1,968/Federal ITC = $5,904            Wealth Created Over System Life (NPV) = $11,435  Return on Initial Cash Invested (IRR) = 12.1%

Solar Installation

Commissioned December 2013

Financing/Notes From Homeowner

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The Project

Being a self-proclaimed cynical New Yorker, going solar was a financial decision for the homeowner.  Now part of his daily routine, the owner checks his inverter to see how much power he is producing.  He is anticipating a savings of approximately $855 in electric bills at current utility rates in the first year.  Over 25 years, the homeowner expects annual utility savings to average $1,417, for a total utility savings of $35,435.  In gross income (pre-tax) dollars, savings average $2,116 annually or $53,888 over the system life (25+ years).

Advice to Homeowners Who Want to Go Solar

“Through this process we learned that there is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf solution.  Every system is somewhat unique to its particular location and the needs of the homeowners.  Also, do the homework and educate yourself about photovoltaics & energy efficiency, it helps when having to analyze the estimates and when selecting the right installer for the job. PPC Solar surpassed my expectations and had an incomparable, collaborative approach to my project!”  –  homeowner


Panels:  16 x Suniva  | Inverter:  SMA America (240V)  |  Racking:  Schletter FS Ground Mount |  Total Panel Area:  271 sq ft  |  Tilt:  30°  |  Azimuth:  180°


Offset: 138 tons of CO2  |   Equivalent: driving 276,000 auto miles, planting 3,215 trees, displacing CO2 emmissions from the annual electric use of 16 homes