Since 1934, Eastern New Mexico University has served the region as a center of higher education and life-long learning, providing educational opportunities for an expanding spectrum of learners.  PPC Solar is proud to have been chosen to install the 51kW roof-top solar array that will power the school.  This project provides the school with sustainable energy, as well as contributes to educational opportunities to empower students to learn the technology of solar photovoltaics.

Top 3 Reasons for Schools to #GoSolar: 
(1) save money on operational expenses (utility bills)
(2) create educational opportunities for students
(3) reduce their carbon footprint

Here is a fast-paced look into the ENMU solar PV project, and is a true testament to the hard work and skill that PPC puts in to every install.  #GoSolar

*sidenote:  Check out our PPC CEO in full beast-mode at 1:23 – moving a 500lb Inverter… by himself.