One of my favorite core values at PPC Solar is: Passion – Love what you do.  Once in awhile, creative and worthwhile opportunities come across our paths that we at PPC cannot ignore or refuse, because of our excitement and commitment for spreading the love of solar and what it means for rural communities and education.   Our mission is to change the way the world is powered, and this project is one way we can accomplish that.

This is not just our opportunity, but yours – to support our journey, as we collaborate with non-profit imagine1day to bring solar energy to a small village in Africa.

Give the Gift of Light: Help me and imagine1day bring solar energy to Ethiopia

Dear Friends & Family,

I’m writing to ask for your support with a cause that I have become personally passionate about: bringing solar to communities who have little or no access to electricity.

In partnership with the non-profit organization, imagine1day, our goal is that in 30 days, we will raise $13 for each person in the Abada Community in Ethiopia (population ~2,000) to fund a solar energy system that will fuel their village 365 days a year.

Electricity is one of the biggest impediments to progress and education in Africa. Today, in the Abada village, there is no electricity. With your donation, a 7kW off-grid solar electric system will be installed in the village, and it will be life-changing. With your help, we will be a catalyst for advancement. My plan is to travel to Ethiopia, to help and train local Abada village members to install and maintain their solar electric system.

My intention is to raise $5,000 to help give kids access to the Internet to aid their education, generate electricity for adult workforce training, and provide street lights to create a safe community for women and children. Light can empower a life.

Please consider donating $13 or more to help us give the gift of light.

“The inner light in me honors the inner light in you.”

Many thanks,
Daniel Weinman, CEO of PPC Solar

Help support our CEO, Dan Weinman, travel to Abada to install & teach solar.

Help support our CEO, Dan Weinman, travel to Abada to install & teach solar.


For a video about imagine1day | We are a charity committed to the next generation of leaders who will carry Africa into a new era of prosperity. 

[All Ethiopians have access to quality education funded free of foreign aid by 2030]