own solar for less than your electric bill

Every month, you pay an electric bill that reflects rising energy costs.  With our financing options, you can take that money and invest it in a solar photovoltaic system.   As electric rates increase, so will your savings and return.

Energy Savings

New Mexico solar rebates

GreenSky/GeoSmart Interest-Free Financing

      • Application process is fast, easy, paperless
      • Credit limits up to $55,000.00
      • No money down with low monthly payments
      • 0% interest for 12 months and other credit options for your needs
      • Reduced APR

See the GreenSky/GeoSmart rate sheet here (updated as of May 2016)

current government solar incentives

No Gross Receipts Tax in New Mexico combined with the federal 30% tax credit make going solar more affordable than ever. Find out more about financial incentives for installing solar in your area at www.dsireusa.org.


The smartest investment you can make.

Going solar is easier than you may think! See your solar savings.