We were going to write our own blog about this…but why reinvent the wheel!  Michael Welch with Home Power wrote an insightful article on the topic of choosing ranges.

“Most gas ovens use either a pilot light—a continuously burning flame—or an electric element (aka glow bar) for lighting the gas flame. The downside of a standing pilot light is that, since it is always on, it uses a small amount of a fuel continuously, which can add up.

For an off-grid system, the electrical draw of a glow bar—which is about 500 watts—can eat up far more of your renewable energy than you’d want. Cooking a holiday dinner during the winter, for example, could easily consume 3 to 5 kilowatt-hours. For a 24-volt system, that’s up to 200 amp-hours or more for cooking alone—and that’s a lot of electricity to make up for during winter’s limited number of sun-hours. If your family bakes a lot, such an oven would be a large, year-round draw.”      Michael Welch • Home Power senior editor

Read the full article for range recommendations.


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