A Solar Plan Ten Years In The Making


In June 2016, Kit Carson Electric Company divorced their long-term contract with electricity wholesaler Tri-State Generation & Transmission. They decided to do this for several reasons; Tri-State had raised wholesale prices nine times over 13 years, and most importantly the contract terms were that KCEC could not produce more than 5% of its electricity […]

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Advancing Clean Energy Development In Four Corners



When it comes to coal-fired power plants, we can all agree that they’re not economically sustainable and transitioning away from them is imperative. The San Juan Generating Station and San Juan Mine complex is one of the largest polluters in America.

The plant is located in northwestern New Mexico in a small unincorporated community called […]

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3 Tips to Identify Common Solar Sales Tactics

Choosing to use renewable energy is a rewarding and beneficial investment on your home.  Unfortunately, the solar sales experience isn’t always a positive or easy process for homeowners. Buyer beware!  There are companies out there (solar and otherwise) who utilize high pressure techniques and methods.  In fact, recently I fell prey to similar tactics at a local gym.  That […]

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Debunking Solar Myths… Myth #4

Solar Power is not good for the Utility Grid 

Two weeks ago, I was speaking at the New Mexico Co-op Members Association meeting (where all the NM Electric Co-ops meet to share ideas), and I was asked:  “How can solar benefit my utility?”

This is what I told them:

Not only can solar help you meet your renewable portfolio […]

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Rising Energy Costs and Solar Power

In this day and age, solar power has become a viable energy solution with widespread benefits to our health, economy, and environment. When you generate your own electricity with solar, your utility bill can decline significantly.

Focusing on renewable energy sources has become a global movement. As the popularity of solar grows, it has become […]

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PV 101: What does “Behind The Meter” mean?

Solar In the Taos Area

In New Mexico, specifically in Taos and the Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC) Territory, there exists a 5% cap on the limit of generating renewable energy.  The 5% limit is imposed on the local cooperative by Tri-State Generation and Transmission, the KCEC wholesale supplier.  Under agreement […]

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PPC Team Member Spotlight: Todd P.


Introducing one of our MVP team members, Todd P., whom we affectionately refer to as Han Solar! If we’ve installed solar on your home or business, then Todd was on site, managing the project. Todd brings a wealth of electrical and photovoltaic installation experience, is known around PPC as being part of “PPC’s Solar Rebel Alliance”, and is constantly cracking us up with his one-of-a-kind sense of humor.

Todd definitely makes our office a more entertaining place to work and is an asset to our team! It’s common knowledge… that ’round these parts, NO ONE bends conduit the way Han Solar bends conduit!

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Introducing PPC Solar’s Referral Program

Invite Friends. Get Paid. Introducing PPC Solar’s Referral Program.

by Larissa PPC Solar 09/23/2013


Here at PPC Solar we are always trying to come up with bright ideas to make our solar community even more awesome… more


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Colorado Springs: What Are the Available Solar Tax Incentives and Rebates?

Colorado Springs: What Are the Available Solar Tax Incentives and Rebates?

by Larissa PPC Solar 8/27/2013

The U.S. residential solar business has been growing quickly on account of government incentives and financing options that help to bear the cost of installing solar electric systems. The declining costs of solar panels and other equipment also have helped to make solar more appealing. In Colorado, the solar “Gold Rush” is gaining momentum.  The Colorado Renewable Energy Standard is progressive, with 30% renewables by 2020.  It was amended by State Senate Bill 252 last June, and the bill doubled the renewable energy requirement for cooperative utilities of a certain size, allowed for additional technologies to qualify, created a distributed generation carve-out for cooperative utilities, and made a new requirement for generation and transmission cooperativesIn Colorado Springs and Pueblo, the solar activity is just beginning, and we’ll review the available tax incentives and rebates that are available to homeowners… more […]

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The Lowdown on Standalone (P.V.) Solar Systems

The Lowdown on Standalone P.V. Solar Systems

by Geoff PPC Solar 08/08/2013


Standalone photovoltaic (P.V.) systems are very common.  Until the last decade, when Grid-Tie Systems have become very popular, Stand-Alone was the predominant type of photovoltaic system.  There are two principle system designs:  P.V. Direct & Storage Battery… more […]

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