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A Solar Plan Ten Years In The Making


In June 2016, Kit Carson Electric Company divorced their long-term contract with electricity wholesaler Tri-State Generation & Transmission. They decided to do this for several reasons; Tri-State had raised wholesale prices nine times over 13 years, and most importantly the contract terms were that KCEC could not produce more than 5% of its electricity […]

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Advancing Clean Energy Development In Four Corners



When it comes to coal-fired power plants, we can all agree that they’re not economically sustainable and transitioning away from them is imperative. The San Juan Generating Station and San Juan Mine complex is one of the largest polluters in America.

The plant is located in northwestern New Mexico in a small unincorporated community called […]

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Choosing Your Off-Grid Living Appliances: Ranges & Refrigerator’s

We were going to write our own blog about this…but why reinvent the wheel!  Michael Welch with Home Power wrote an insightful article on the topic of choosing ranges.

“Most gas ovens use either a pilot light—a continuously burning flame—or an electric element (aka glow bar) for lighting the gas flame. The downside of a […]

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Lead Acid Batteries…100% recyclable

Not all batteries are created equal.  Check out the closed loop battery manufacturing that East Penn employs…this makes their product a 100% recycled battery!  We are proud to support that!

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Top 5 Websites for New Mexico Solar

In New Mexico, solar power is truly a hot topic.  I thought I’d put together a list of our 5 top sites that we (as an installation company) visit to give us more information and education.  Keep in mind, these websites give great information and are educational resources for solar across the country, but also […]

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Debunking Solar Myths… Myth #2

Solar will get more efficient and cheaper, so I should wait.

It definitely does not pay to wait.  Unlike smartphones and tablets, modern solar technology has changed little for decades.  The basic technology for panels is the same since the 1960’s.

While solar panels are getting slightly more efficient and cost are falling, the […]

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3 Tips to Identify Common Solar Sales Tactics

Choosing to use renewable energy is a rewarding and beneficial investment on your home.  Unfortunately, the solar sales experience isn’t always a positive or easy process for homeowners. Buyer beware!  There are companies out there (solar and otherwise) who utilize high pressure techniques and methods.  In fact, recently I fell prey to similar tactics at a local gym.  That […]

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Taos Academy Charter School Solar Array Video

One of our favorite things about being in the solar industry is putting solar on schools, and being able to share our solar knowledge with the students.  For 7 weeks, we are teaching a Solar Energy Lab Class at Taos Academy.  Using the solar array as a teaching tool has been invaluable and given […]

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Off-Grid: Lead-Acid Batteries & Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)

Today we are discussing the battery component of an off-grid solar electric system.

Batteries store the energy that is produced during the day by solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.  The energy collected in the batteries is used during cloudy days and/or at night.  Grid-tie systems do […]

The Importance of Operations and Maintenance for Utility Solar

PV power plants are not maintenance free; they require a regimen of continual monitoring, periodic inspection, scheduled preventive maintenance, and service calls. These actions address unplanned outages, repair and restart, and various O&M activities needed to enhance long term up-time, performance, and economic viability. Experienced O&M providers are fully equipped to provide ongoing operations […]

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